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Spherical Cow Consulting is created from simplification and application of optimal solutions that fulfil the needs of our customers.


In Spherical Cow Consulting we believe above all in the rigor of work well done, without losing the view to propose solutions that suit the needs of our clients (upgrades, production, location, implementation, funding ...). The success of our company is based on solving problems directly investigating the source of problems.

Our direction vector is the implementation of innovative solutions that make a real difference to other consultancies and so building customer loyalty.

This is why in Spherical Cow Consulting we unlearn to innovate.

Thus, while other companies continue working on the control of the process and people, we manage the innovation and intellectual capital of our team, tending towards an organization of social capital with the clear goal of the cultural capital value.


Motivation is a temporary state and that is why in Spherical Cow Consulting makes efforts on a daily individual and group motivation, always around a respect policy.

We perform illusion development frameworks, to boost the learning capacity, and maximize results and customer commitment.

We work to have clear and common objectives that avoid to see reality from different points of view. Thus, we have taken a step forward by setting as objectives: common vision, ethical values, and agile mental models that build the business growth.

The team selected by Spherical Cow Consulting has got:

- persistent resilience. Always stand up and move on.

- talent, to innovate, to create and always seek the best and practical solution to every situation.

- illusion and enthusiasm for engineering.

We work to give access to our customers to the latest engineering progress.
To offer practical, optimal and adquated solutions to our customer needs and resources.
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