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The Geomarketing studies take into account:

- Geographical coverage and influence area of each sector and interesting spots

- Relations and links between business models within the commercial network

- Pedestrian mobility and frequency

- Urban streets and key factors for commercial attractiveness

- Geo-statistics and specific target population

- Consumer habits surveys and customer satisfaction


Pedestrian mobility and frequency Detailed analysis of markets and influence area

Provide information for decision making at the level of:

- District / Area / Town

- Business Network

- Selling points

- Future investments

The services offered in relation to Geomarketing studies are:

- Definition of Network from urbanistic and social variables

- Detailed analysis of markets: synergies and competencies

- Proposals for the reorganization and improvement of Commercial Network

- Optimum location for setting up new business and evaluation of potential local attractiveness by type of business

- Advice for setting up the correct business in a given location

- Advice for the optimization of marketing actions

- Publication of related articles in press and social networks

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